Tailored To Your Needs
We Do It Differently 

Seminars, lectures, workshops, books and "drop in" consulting don't create lasting results!

What we do is different. Using short, action-oriented coaching sessions you are guided through a process to help discover your true potential and give you tools to bring productive change! 

When companies apply our process with their teams growth occurs!

Our process focuses on what's important to you – not on some "guru" or "management fad".

Your goals are the driving force of our results-centered process

LMI 4 Step Coaching Process
Delivering the improvements you want!

Step 1 - Evaluate Performance
  • Identify Performance Objectives
  • Determine Current Level of Performance
  • Calculate Performance Gap
Awareness is catalyst to change
Step 2 - Plan Action
  • Develop a Dynamic Plan of Action
  • Identify Critical Success Factors
  • Determine Methods of Tracking Results
Without a path, the greatest explorers are lost
Step 3 - Change Behavior
  • Implement Step by Step Change
  • Integrate Behavior Changes into Daily Productivity
  • Measure Progress as it Occurs
Behaviors change when attitudes change
Step 4 - Measure Results
  • Measure Results Achieved
  • Document and Communicate Return on Investment
  • Identify Additional Areas for Continuing Improvement

What gets measured gets accomplished

Traditional Training (Lecture, workshop, seminar) vs. LMI Coaching

Deliverable Benefits Traditional Training
 LMI Process
- Increases & Confirms Knowledge

- Provides Valuable Information

- Heightens Awareness of Options  

- Transforms Behaviors & Effectiveness

- Translates Knowledge Into Action

- Delivers Lasting & Tangible Results

The "Staying Power" of the LMI Process

Typical training model retention - rapid drop off

The LMI Coaching Process - long term retention and application

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